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BTSA is a global company based in Spain, with sales offices in United States and Mexico. With over 20 years of experience developing natural ingredients, we are the leading European manufacturer and supplier of Natural Antioxidants, Natural Vitamin E and Omega 3 for food, cosmetics & personal care, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and animal nutrition.



Natural tocopherols and custom antioxidants

Vitamina E

Vitamin E

D-Alpha-Tocopherol from Non-GMO vegetable oil

Omega 3

Omega 3

Fatty acids from vegetable, fish or algae

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Our customers from more than 40 countries rely on our products and services, which have been developed by our highly qualified team of experts. In BTSA we offer products and customized solutions that meet the needs of each client. For this we have the best team of professionals in every area of the company, committed not only to their work, but also with the needs of our customers and distributors.

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